Experiences have the power of evoking special meaning in customers. A product or service that is perceived by the user as being meaningful is also more memorable. In best cases, a meaningful product or service can guide a user’s life in a new direction and in doing so significantly improve their behavior.

The video above is a part of physical exhibition installation in Finnish Nature Centre Haltia

At Movya, the applications we design for our customers are intended to be, not only comprehensive, but also rich in experiences. We make sure these individual experiences can be perceived and experienced freely. Meaningful, memorable and positive emotional experiences produce best results when reaching out to our customer’s target groups. This has another positive outcome; by engaging users they become part of our customers’ offering. We see this as way of advancing our customers’ growth and development. And we believe, that good things take on wings when you get to share them with others.

Lets think together what is the story behind your company’s products or services. Together we can create memorable experiences for people to share and enjoy with each other.

Visit Soihtu exhibition in University of Jyväskylä