Valmet – Coated Boardwork

The Beauty of Pure Whiteness

Movya Ltd. produced a video for Valmet, the leading global developer and supplier of technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries.

Modern manufacture of cardboard, for example the speedy flow of production and the pure whiteness of the paper cardboard, is the result of professional staff and high technology, which together make raw material glide efficiently out of the paper machine as a finished end product.

In the video produced by Movya, the benefits achieved by Valmet's coated board technology were compared to a dance performance, showing impressive acrobatics of Team Unito’s trickers in white costumes. We wanted to visualize the real beauty of pure whiteness as part of the aesthetics of everyday life.


Tricking is a growing sport that combines elements of martial arts, gymnastics and street dancing. Trickers strive to make the most spectacular series of movements combining kicks, flips and twists. For making the video, the Team Unito was given four key techniques that play an important role in the board machine.

The end result looked extremely fresh and good.


Valmet and its marketing team have been very satisfied with Movya’s overall contribution and the company’s proficiency in developing ideas. Doing radically different video productions with recruited artists and athletes from different sports is characteristic of Movya’s work. Many extremely interesting productions are in progress all the time.

The teamwork of Unito and Movya was also absolutely great. Movya thanks our partners in collaboration!