Optimus Flowork

Are you ready for transformation?

Movya was asked to create a high-tech transforming robot character "Optimus Flo" to endorse a new compact-size headbox design Valmet OptiFlo for Fourdrinier to attract Valmet's Asian region customers. The product itself is a cost effective mix of proven technology and new ideas providing a secure investment in an optimal headbox solution.  

We ended up with a "short film styled" CG animation telling a story about the rebuilt - how the new, a more effective and compact machine design, replaces the old one and gives more service years to whole machine line in a factory by improving paper quality and production. This can be viewed as an analogy how Valmet corporation was transformed from Metso to independent corporation that is more innovative, effective and agile than ever before. We are not too modest to admit that this video was a huge hit.