MELA – Rankawork


The occupational health care department of The Farmers' Social Insurance Institution, Mela needed a short movie for their educational events. They arranged a mandatory competitive tender, with heavy emphasis on an idea rather than just pricing as one of the selection criteria.


Ergonomics. We all know it is important. It is even more crucial with farmers. They are entrepreneurs who need their backs in good condition to make their livelihood. The information how to take care of one's back was already there, so we needed to stir up the emotion with the movie, to show the consequences of good and bad ergonomics.


We wanted to show how you feel when your spine is aching. The story follows one day in a farmer’s life whose back hurts. He struggles with the daily routines and gets various tips and ideas from his young wife, his neighbours and friends how to cure the problem. The odd thing is that the character seems to be twice the age of his wife and friends. The ending reveals the twist. We have seen our main character as an old man. When he realizes that the ergonomics is the only permanent solution, he sees himself who he really is.