Virtual Realityservice

Share the Moment

Do you want to wake up your audience? Would you need an icebreaker, which would spark a lively discussion? Maybe you want to engage in a personal way, and get others to feel and perceive through a completely new state of mind? Have fun – share the moment.

The possibilities of virtual reality go far beyond entertainment; although having fun plays an important role in the fascination with VR-technology. In addition to using fully-immersive virtual environments recreationally, they can enhance training and marketing, and allow learning new skills in a safe, simulated environment.

A "flat" preview from Valtra's VR demo. The viewer is fully immersed in the world when using a head mounted display. Separate images are rendered for both eyes thus giving depth perception and lenses inside the HMD unit correct the distorted view for peripheral vision.

The capabilities of VR-technology surpass anything that everyday life situations offer. Anyone can personally experience the most imaginative adventures and try out skills, which require practice that is not possible in real life. The possible applications of the technology are virtually endless.

At Movya we feel passionately about storytelling and our team is at the very top of 3D-technology. By combining these two areas of expertise, we can offer our customers a unique opportunity for creating quality VR-content together with our team. Dive into a chosen adventure and challenge yourself to test the boundaries of your imagination in a virtual environment! Sharing a mind-boggling experience with others will make it truly unforgettable.

"The most important thing about virtual reality isn´t the idea that you're seeing this dramatic 3D thing. It´s that you, yourself change."- Jason Lanier, Microsoft