Finns watch TV over three hours every day. TV programs reach ever-larger masses because they can be watched on a number of devices. TV stories broaden our perception of the world and sometimes can even change it.

TV productions give Movya the possibility to tell things, which we believe are important. Our team has over 20 years of experience of TV-documentary productions. We cover current issues as well as generally humane subjects. We are interested in influential phenomena, people with personalities, and grasping stories. We dare to face even the deepest questions concerning the essence of humanity.

The document film Kasvokkain ("Face to Face") brings us to negotation tables with mediators and both sides of an argument. The negotiations take us to situations that reveal responsibility, atonement and mercy. But not always conciliation. The film was first shown in YLE TV1 Dokumenttiprojekti programming.

Our diverse expertise gives us the tools to utilize the newest methods in storytelling, regardless whether they involve 3D animation, virtual technologies or interactive supplementary services offered with TV programs.

We continuously seek new, fascinating stories and actively develop new forms of storytelling. New distribution and publishing channels offer an enormous opportunity to reach out to an audience around the world.

Making document film Kasvokkain in Yle website

Interview with director Juho Horttanainen in Yle Aamu-TV