Post Productionservice

The Value of Creativity

In the industry of selling services and products through images, proper post-production is critical. What we see and hear is a gateway for evoking emotions. Great post production enables us to craft worlds and express emotions from the wide spectrum of realism and fantasy. Details can be crucial in making the story credible and believable. In essence, post production plays an important part in storytelling.

Post production mainly involves editing, visual effects and color correction but they are just few of the tools available when the story is fine tuned for the best result. What we hear also can heavily influence the tone of a film or a video and is key for how you feel during a scene.

Example of phases in post production

Aesthetic quality plays an important role in how users experience information related to them, in how they learn and digest information, in the way they perceive the usability and reliability of an application, and finally in how they assess the value of the product. According to Movya’s philosophy, style doesn’t substitute content, however compatible style and content that are in balance work in favor of the customer.

Left side: Original S-Log2 footage. Right side: Color corrected and film graded look.