Effective training that engages

Do you have important information that you need your staff or clients to absorb? For instance work-related skills, new practices or equipment user guides? A motivated learner absorbs information best. Well-assimilated subject matter is also easier to apply and share with others.

Movya has nearly 20 years experience in producing e-Learning content. Training packages that we put together are often broad and comprehensive and the subject matter is presented modularly, allowing for examining subjects through modules that support each other. Cross-referencing information from different training areas, gives our customers the ability to update the required content of the training material flexibly and according to their needs.

In a long run, a well-designed, skillfully and professionally produced interactive training package increases our customers’ business profitability. And in addition to that, digital media e-Learning content is easy and fun to absorb!

Your company communicates to a broad audience through your training materials, as well as your User and Maintenance Guides. Well-designed organization training communications is after all a part of your internal marketing and employee motivation, where the quality of the training material is reflected in all business activities, including those showing outside.

At Movya, we know how to design and compile comprehensively all of your company’s training materials, keeping in mind your vast corporate communications needs. Especially product training materials can, with small adjustments, also be used in manuals and marketing communications.