3D Productionsservice

Impossible made possible

Do you already have an idea, concept or ready model that you would like others to see? Do you think it could use movement to bring it to life or simulate how it works? What would your idea, concept or model look like in its working environment? Would it be in a world like ours or a fictional one? Movya can make your dreams come true and turn intangible possibilities into visible reality!


A skillfully and professionally rendered image can speak volumes to your audience, which can sometimes be difficult if not almost impossible to achieve using traditional photography. The first rendered image of your product or concept allows for an element of excitement and the ability to see it with new eyes. To your customers it gives a promise of what’s to come and adds to the excitement of waiting.

To start off with, we refine your idea and your concept into a 3D model. We can also use your existing CAD models as raw material for the production. Then we add surface materials and illuminate the model with attention to quality before our computers process them and we get to finalize them with thorough post-processing. As the end product, you will have readily available rendered images in different size alternatives that can be lavishly decorated, hyper photorealistic or artfully stylized; all done with modern computer graphics.


When an image isn’t enough to tell the whole story, we can bring it to life with modern computer animation. There isn’t a model that can’t be presented in motion, be it with dynamic realism or done with cartoon-style exaggeration.

Animation yields results, which traditional video can’t simply match. Using the newest in motion capture technology allows us to animate people and animal-like creatures with true authenticity. Computer simulations offer a great foundation for demonstrating physics-based phenomena, such as motion of liquids, smoke, fire, collisions, textiles and hair.

Animations are a natural extension to image productions, where the 3D models already underwent all necessary visual groundwork needed. A computer modeled animation screen gives flexibility in producing different aspect ratios, resolutions, and frame rates, making it easy for releasing on different formats; from television and web, all the way to virtual-reality-based, 360-degree viewing applications.

Animations can be shared on all digital media, and they can easily reach a large audience. With a high-quality animation you can make a lasting impression on the viewer.


The next step after 3D-modeled images and animations are visually impressive, immersive virtual worlds based on real-time computer graphics that run on powerful game engines. In a virtual world, you can move and act freely, or alternatively you can follow events from the side. It’s as if you would be submerged into a live image or animation world and it would be up to you what to do there.

At Movya, we refine unique concepts and ready 3D-models into modular building blocks that meet the requirements of the game engine. We design and create scenes, game mechanics and other programming features for virtual worlds and package them into assets, which can be used to support your sales effort, in virtual remote training or as the highlight of different events. Your budget dictates how far you want to go.

Virtual worlds run on powerful, modern PC-computers designed for computer gaming, as well as laptops and desktops. To enhance the experience and get the feeling of actually being inside the virtual world, you can view the world through VR glasses instead of a normal computer screen. Thanks to the flexible content production platform we can scale the game engine to run on new generation game platforms, tablets, smart phones and even browsers.

You will never forget your first dive into a virtual world!